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  1. Member Introduction
    I just bought a tube bender and notch jig and am wanting to build some tree kickers as a first project. I am on the search for the 1-7/8 saddle tube threaded weld on bungs that are used to mount all of the commercially available tree kickers. I found some from "Henn Racing" however the 6 bungs...
  2. Assault Industries
    Most weld-in cage bungs are 3/8" (.375), Assault Industries uses M10-1.25 thread on our mirror posts and clamps. Using the bung adapter will enable the use of all Assault Industries mirrors so even if you have your own bungs, you can have the very best mirrors available for your ride! Check it...
  3. Assault Industries
    Assault Industries M10-1.25 weld-on cage bungs are made from 1020 steel, are drilled, tapped and coped to fit 1.75" roll bars. The bungs are great alternative to using Assault Industries cage clamps and make for a cleaner look when installed. Check it out HERE and use discount code MAVF2020 at...
1-3 of 3 Results