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  1. Maverick Turbo owner from Utah

    Member Introduction
    I hadn't even owned my Commander for a year when I spotted the Maverick Turbo on the show room floor at MotoZoo in St George. I had to have it. Didn't take long to sell the Commander & haul my new Maverick back to Herriman. Christopher Borders
  2. New Turbo owner form Washington state mods and carnage already.

    Member Introduction
    Hi my Name is Lucas English from Camas Washington. I have been in and out of the off road scene for the last 10 years. My family has started to show interest in going to the dunes which is good. I have a pretty modded rock crawler 88 Jeep. I felt a nice 4 setter side by side would complete...
  3. Use caution with EMP

    Maverick Accessories
    EMP roof a few issues I ordered a roof for my new xd s from EMP and it took over 20 days to get. I finally got my roof and upon opening it I noticed a few dings and one dent. These are not deal breakers but this roof is over $450 and I needed it for a Ride with my kids so I installed it. I did...
  4. Can Am Maverick Max ds Turbo - Issues?

    Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Turbo
    I have been looking at buying the new Max Turbo and was wondering about the Turbo. Has anyone experienced any issues with the turbo? I was curious if the first year with the turbo has had any issues?
  5. Evolution Powersports X ds Turbo Base ECU Program is DONE!

    Evolution Powersports
    We have been working hard on tuning of the Maverick X ds for some time now. Last night we completed our tune which nets 20 wheel hp more than a stock X ds! This is on a 100% otherwise stock machine. Today we will be testing stock tunes with our cat bypass and "Double Barrel" exhaust. We...
  6. Evolution PowerSports XDS Turbo in the house!! ECU, Exhaust, Cat Delete in the works

    Evolution Powersports
    We finally got our XDS turbo and are really excited to tear into this beast. It is an amazing machine stock with very nice power delivery. We plan on making some nice improvements in the coming weeks. We have already cracked the ECU and have our base tuning file complete. We will be testing...
  7. Turbo clutching help??

    Forced Induction
    I just got my Maverick back from my local shop that installs tons of turbos on Rzr's. This was the first Mav he's done. We put the MCX turbo kit on with a team primary and it ran great for about 20 miles. Then it backed the bolt that holds the secondary clutch on. We figured it was just loose, I...