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  1. FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    2022 Maverick x3 XRS Turbo RR 450 miles I am upgrading to a big turbo kit from EVP and seeing if theres any interest in the stock turbo assembly parts. I broke the wastegate actuator pin when adjusting the waste gate pressure, i was able to do an easy fix and put a bolt through and it works...
    $1 USD
  2. Member Introduction
    Hello, First time posting on the group. I have a 2022 X3 that im just about to pick up, Super excited about it! I wanting to wire up a switch pro unit from the get go and im leaning towards the RCR-12 button option. However, im not finding many options when it comes to mounting the control...
  3. Maverick XRC
    I added the charge tube that has the bigger 50mm port and BOV RPM 360 but it was really hard to fit and then it kinks between the chargetube and turbo tube.. did i do it wrong? But also im not sure if this was the bext move on a stock motor... feels like i lost power..
  4. Engine and Drivetrain
    Pulled from another thread, lets discuss First thing you need to understand is an ALL ENGINES ARE AIR PUMPS! The MORE AIR they can move through them, the MORE POWER they make. However the more air you move or the faster you move it (turbo), inertia comes more into play. When the air has to...
  5. Member Introduction
    I have a maveric can am x3 RC turbo, i have been told that the drive belt comes with a blue die on it, and have been told to remove i should soke in in hot water. Was wondering if this is correct information. Any advice would be grateful thanks.
  6. FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    WSRD FP Green Turbo with the exhaust manifold and tial wastegate. 4 weekend rides on this turbo. All the parts are in excellent condition.
  7. Member Introduction
    Hello All, New to this forum and looking for help trying to troubleshoot error code we're getting (P0136 and P0141). I have 2015 XXc Turbo with about 350 miles. Checked wires, fuse and changed both O2 sensors and re-connected battery. Check engine light went off for a second but came back on...
  8. Member Introduction
    Hey guys, I'm new to the maverick world! I picked up a low mileage maverick xds turbo. Amazing machine but after riding or even running idle for a long period of time (40min +) the machine acts like the battery is dead and will hardly roll over, let it sit 20 minutes, maybe longer and it fires...
  9. Forced Induction
    Hello all, New to the forum and I have been trying to research this one fore a little bit but to no avail. I have a 2018 MAVERICK X3 900 HO. I love the machine but I feel it’s time for more power, I know there is a couple things I can do other than a turbo addition (exhaust, tune, etc) but a...
  10. Maverick X3 Max
    base x3 max turbo, 500 some odd miles, guy supposedly traded it in to upgrade to one of the higher (faster) models. wondering what i should be sure to look at, or keep an eye out for when i go to look it over. never had a SxS before, am a motorcycle guy, and former offroad experience was with...
  11. Maverick XMR
    Does anyone know what the top speed of the 2018 120 HP X3 XMR Turbo is? I have seen videos on youtube of the X3 XMR Turbo R (178 HP) do 67MPH stock but have yet to find anything on the non R version.
  12. FS/WTB - Mavericks
    2015 Maverick XDS Turbo - 16,500!! 650 miles Full Evo custom reflash, N/A Cams, Full HMF Exhaust/Cat Delete S3 Power Sports Cage w/ aluminum roof S3 Clevis Style Tie Rods S3 HD Radius Rods S3 Frame Gusset Kit S3 Dual Radiator Kit S3 Front Bumper S3 Rear Bumper Airdam Clutching Rear Chase light...
  13. FS/WTB - Mavericks
    $17,400 More high quality photos > For sale is my 2015 CanAm Maverick XDS Turbo in EXCELLENT condition, starts every time (no exceptions) and ready to ride. I have many upgrades listed below. The trailer is included in the price (selling...
  14. FS/WTB - Mavericks
    Selling my 2016 CAN AM Maverick Turbo XDS $20,995 Carbon / Manta Green 197 miles 22 hours Will Come With --- DragonFire Front Bumper DragonFire Backbones DragonFire Rear Bumper DragonFire Spare Tire Carrier (does not come with spare tire) 40" Rigid LED Bar 10" Rigid LED Bar UTV Roof SSV...
  15. Maverick Builds, Projects, How-Tos
    A bunch of our parts that we sent out to Dan Bilzerian for his Maverick XDS Turbo. Our (S3) Long Travel and our Custom cage.
  16. Maverick Discussions
    I'm still in the market for a Maverick and I'm in a better position than ever. My wife has given me the yellow light, which looks green to me. So, any dealers in Pa or surrounding states have a leftover 2015 Turbo/ Xrs Models? Not interested too much in the base models but will entertain some...
  17. Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Turbo
    Searched the forum, couldn't find a clear answer on up-to-date availability. I run the rear net, but it's 99% ineffective in keeping out the mud and dust, and I'm not overly concerned with the heat from the intercooler. Has there been a manufacturer to build a rear window as of yet? I'm...
  18. Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Turbo
    I have tried to find a thread on here describing how to remove the primary clutch from a turbo but haven't had any luck. I have a new Dalton kit and finished the secondary, but cannot figure out how to remove the primary clutch. Do I need a puller as the instructions say? If so, where can I get...
  19. Maverick Builds, Projects, How-Tos
    How hard is it to install a set of these cams in a 16' Turbo. I just got a set and thinking about doing it my self. Is there any videos, how to's, etc. Thanks in advance. P.S My local dealer wants 400.00 to install these. Figured it would be a nice chunk of money to save.
1-19 of 36 Results