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  1. Maverick X3 Max
    Guys, I think I screwed up. More out of necessity than anything lol. I picked up a turbo R 4 seat rzr. I still have an RS on order waiting for it. It should come in June. I'm trying to decide what to do. To be honest, I love most things about the turbo R. It's a good size, tons of clearance...
  2. Member Introduction
    Just picked up my new whip on Saturday. Should I have received two keys with this? "Normal" and "Performance". The output is definitely subdued or limited. I was wearing the driver seat belt (I heard if not wearing the power is governed). Any thoughts?
  3. Member Introduction
    So went out riding past weekend burned belt ended the ride. Replaced belt and was not able to shift into gears. Now I took the cover off to fid out i have a big groove in sheaves of primary one way bearing is done as well and missing two rollers in secundary. What do yall suggest in clutch...
  4. Member Introduction
    Just put some 32" tires and 2" spacers on and its pulling to the right alot!! Need help. I've already aligned the front tie rods but did not help the situation.
  5. Maverick X3
    So what kind of shop lifts are you guys using for you X3's? I stuck my craftsmen hydraulic floor jack underneath my XMR a few nights ago with an added 2x8 on top of it and it wouldn't even get the tires off the floor with the jack fully extended. I did some looking around for a decent lift...
1-5 of 5 Results