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turbo maverick

  1. Member Introduction
    added an upgraded turbo and now I need some info about what I need to do as far as clutch work Can I just change out the springs in the clutch to make it stay locked innccause it feels like it’s sloping
  2. Maverick Discussions
    anybody have a clue on how to snorkel a maverick 1000r turbo to where when it goes back for warranty work i can take it off and it wont void warranty? Mainly interested in snorkeling the belt box. Thanks in advance.
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  5. Forced Induction
    Seems like most "stage 1" turbo kits double the stock HP... I wonder if the same will be true for the Maverick??? the specs I saw said that the engine has 12:1 compression ratio... way too high for a pump gas turbo system I would think. It will be interesting to see what the turbo kit builders...