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  1. Looking for the shortest toy hauler for X3 XRS

    Tow Rigs / Haulers / RVs
    I am looking to down size my toy hauler. I currently have a 2005 Wanderer Wagon 325 5th and do not need three queen beds and am looking for something smaller. I have looked at Dune Sport and Fun Runners. Does anybody have suggestions and pictures of their X3 in a smaller TB toy hauler? Thank...
  2. Towing / pulling with your X3..... pull plate, etc?

    Maverick X3
    Cliff notes: has anyone seen damage from pulling other cars with your pull plates? Are their any other options than pull plates? Even though I have a max I figured I’d post this here being it’s the same for the 2seater and this section gets more traffic. I’ve found myself on almost every...
  3. Towing Capacity

    Maverick Trail
    Is the 1500 lb towing capacity only in low gear? If one of my buddies breaks down and we have to go at about 25 mph to get home is the trail going to be able able to tow it home in high gear? Often we go on long 120-150 mile trips in the north woods of New Hampshire. We recently had a friend...