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    New method bead grips and 34” warriors
  2. Member Introduction
    2019 Maverick X3 Turbo base. Wanting to put 30s on. Any rubbing or clutch issues? Also did you put aftermarket wheels on? Thanks!!
  3. Member Introduction
    Been doing a lot of research and can't seem to find anything so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am looking for wheels that are approximately 18x9 or 19x9 with the 4x137 bolt pattern. I really don't want to have to run adapters as I feel they won't last. The reason I am...
  4. Wheels and Tires
    I'm running the stock rims for the turbo RR, comes with 29x11x14 rear and 29x9x14 front. I purchased maxis carnivores 30x10x14 tires and they rub the control arm in the rear, at that point I did not continue further with trying them on the front, but i assume they will rub too beings the stock...
  5. Maverick Trail, Sport, (Gen2) Commander
    Good morning - I’ve been looking at switching to non-directional tires With the factory 12x6 rims on the MavT I’m wondering if I should do 28x10x12 on all corners to have matching tires or go 28x8x12 (front) and 28x10x12 (rear). Thanks -...
  6. Member Introduction
    Just wanted to put this out there in case someone is aware of a set someplace that I haven't looked yet. In the market for Roxxzilla 35x10x15 for my 2018 RC. Can not find a set anywhere, hoping someone has a lead on a set. I would really appreciate it. Most places say in stock end of May but as...
  7. Member Introduction
    I just put a set of 30x10x14 Roxxzillas on my 21' X3 DS Turbo R. The unit comes stock with 28" Bighorns. After I put the tires on I noticed that they didn't seem any taller than the stock tires so I took a measurement, with 15lbs of air they're only measuring 28.5". Is that normal? I could...
  8. Wheels and Tires
    I didn't notice until I started owning this X3, that a lot of people switch the stock tires out for All Terrains. Why? Is it for more comfort driving on-road? Are All Terrains better offroad than the stock tires that come on the X3? Even the KRX1000 we rented in St George had All Terrains and...
  9. FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    FOR SALE 2020 Can Am X3 Rims and Tires (4), 32" M1 Evils, about 220 miles on them, no plugs, no patches. 1400.00 OBO. Located in Phoenix, AZ
  10. Member Introduction
    Has anyone upgraded to 32 in tires on a maverick 1000r? What all did you do for the upgrade? I’m curious about what has to be done to the clutch and if I can juts do the high clearance a arms or if I’ll have to lift it?
  11. Member Introduction
    I recently damage one of my front tires on my Maverick x3 max. I have the 30x10x14 mongrels on it and ordered the tire to replace it. The problem is that I have a trip to go on this weekend and my new tire does not come in till next week. The question I need help with is this " can I use my two...
  12. Maverick Trail, Sport, (Gen2) Commander
    Hey there, Just wondering if you guys could recommend me any good Snow Tires I could get for my 2018 1000DPS? I currently have the factory tires which are fine for spring/summer/fall however up here in Northern Canada we already have a couple feet of snow and I must say I find them quite...
  13. Wheels and Tires
    What are the pros/cons of 14 or 15 inch wheels in your opinion? I was thinking of going with the 15" wheels originally, but keep leaning to the old logic of more air means more suspension in a smaller 14" wheel option. If it matters I have a base Maverick X3 Max.
  14. FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    (4) Bighorn 2.0 Tires only 30x10x14 from Can-Am Maverick X3 Max XRS Only 157 easy miles on these tires - used during break in period. Tread edges are still sharp and clean Will sell all 4 for $400 Will sell individually for $135 each **Local PICKUP ONLY will not deliver or ship. Simi Valley...
  15. Maverick X3
    What dou you think of the new Air-less Tires
  16. Wheels and Tires
    As I'm sure most you all know the mavericks have a pretty uncommon size of tires from the factory 27x11r12 or 27x9r12. And for the most part if you can find tires in that size they are normally pretty pricey. my question is does anybody out there run 26' tires instead of the factory 27' if so...
  17. Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Non-Turbo
    15 XDS I just installed 29 in dirt commanders on my rear. Can I still run oem 28 in on my front without damaging anything. Thanks
  18. Maverick Discussions
    I sold my stock tires and wheels! I'm going with 14x7 wheels and 30" tires same size all around. Ridding in Utah different terrain from soft to slick rock at all speeds depending on who i'm ridding with. Should I go with ITP ultracross or CST LOBO
  19. FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    These are 90% tread or more, I went with big brake system, so had to go to 14" min rims Can send pics via cell, PAUL MILLER 1-270-875-8181 NEW COST is over 800$ SELL FOR 495$
1-20 of 32 Results