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  1. Maverick X3
    For those of you that run the Maxxis Liberty 30x10x14 tires on your X3, what pressures are you typically running for hard pack and desert riding. I've read and researched everything I can find and the X3 RC manual is showing 24-30 pounds rear and 18 front. Seems to me to be way too high for...
  2. Maverick X3
    I have an XRS and read the manual. It says 24-31 in the rear and 17-18 in the front. Is this a good tire pressure to run all the time? Also we are going to the dunes next weekend. Does anyone have a recomended tire pressure for the dunes? I used to run 8 in all 4 on my Rzr Turbo. Is this a...
1-2 of 2 Results