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  1. Maverick X3
    Purchased a set of super atv a arms to find out that the shock therapy sway bar links use bigger hardware than what super atv does. Anyone else run into this issue? If so what did you do? I’d hate to have to buy a whole new sway bar and links just to make them fit on these arms
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi guys, so I have a 2015 Can Am Maverick Turbo. I was an idiot and let my buddy drive it the other day. Obviously he flipped it. Now the sway bar is out of adjustment. I'm trying to remove the arm that holds up the A arm, but with no luck. I've even tried jerking it with the truck and a...
  3. Maverick X3 Max
    X3 Issues Just bought a 2019 X3 XRS , gotta say this SXS rips. I have had a few small problems and would like to know some other issues folks have had with there X3. Also can anyone without a skid plate look under there right rear corner to see if the e-box in the photo mounts under the body...
1-3 of 3 Results