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  3. Maverick X3
    I recently had to get a full frame replacement and a new transmission. I picked up my X3 Max last night and took it out for a ride today. When I got home I did a walk around to make sure everything was tight and in place. I realized the front shocks were put back in backwards and now the Fox...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hi guys, so I have a 2015 Can Am Maverick Turbo. I was an idiot and let my buddy drive it the other day. Obviously he flipped it. Now the sway bar is out of adjustment. I'm trying to remove the arm that holds up the A arm, but with no luck. I've even tried jerking it with the truck and a...
  5. The Suspension Guy
    Near new condition, only a few hundred miles on each set. The 2 seat pair has custom blue stock springs The 4 seat max set has stock silver springs $2200. Each set I can of course add my shock Adjustments to match your car and driving area and style. $250 value. free. And or add and...
  6. Maverick X3 Max
    I have a 2020 x3 max x xmr and was wondering whether to do the 3 or 5 inch lift. I don't want to over articulate my axle shafts. Any thoughts. Planning on 33 or 35 inch tires in the future. Thanks for any input.
  7. Member Introduction
    Hi, I was wondering what suspension settings i should run on my X3 XDS on a dirt track, its got fairly grippy tires and i’m looking to be able to slide corners without much body roll but also take jumps without breaking my back.
  8. Assault Industries
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  9. Assault Industries
    Check out our new Heavy Duty High Clearance Radius Rods at ASSAULTIND.COM! Get 18% off using discount code STAYSTRONG at checkout. Fits Can Am Maverick X3 XRS ONLY Plus 2IN of clearance Improved Strength and Rigidity over OEM Direct Bolt-on Replacement Heavy duty adjustable Chromoly Heim...
  10. Assault Industries
    We are offering 18% off everything on our site through 04/15 with discount code STAYSTRONG! We have mirrors, doors, bumpers, steering wheels, clamping solutions, front gusset kits, tool kits, suspension components, and much more! Check it out --> Assault Industries | Performance UTV Accessories
  11. Assault Industries
    We are running an 18% disoucount through 04/15 with discount code STAYSTRONG! We manufacture high performance UTV parts and accessories. Radius rods, tie rods, sway bar links, bumpers, doors, clamping solutions, steering wheels, and much more! Check it out >>> WWW.ASSAULTIND.COM
  12. Maverick XRS
    I have a 13 XRS and went riding with a friend who has an X3 max. He upgraded his suspension and was able to do double my speed down a rough trail. I felt like I was getting beat up going 25-30 where he was maintaining 40-50. What type of upgrade has anyone done to improve their rides? Thanks...
  13. Member Introduction
    hello, So i have a 2016 XXC with around 700 miles. I am looking into swapping to go to the full width suspension. So basically i need parts from one of the 64" versions. preferably the xrs/xds. Is there anyone that would be willing to swap, that wants the trail width suspension. Or that has...
  14. Maverick XRS
    So im trying to figure out the best way and cost to ship my suspension to my tuner of choice (ST). Was wondering who has done this. What it cost cost you? How long was the ship time? What shipping company you went with? (I'm assuming ups) Did they have the right box to ship with? Or where did u...
  15. Maverick XRS
    All, I have a 2018 2 seater X3 XRS with the front locker. As many threads talk about my suspension needs to be tuned bad. The rear end kicks off any sort of bump or ledge very dramatically. Any jump over 15 mph I feel like I would land on the roof. I have watched the youtube videos and have...
  16. Assault Industries
    If you've recently bent your puny stock rods, we've got some good news for you! It's the perfect time to upgrade with Assault Industries radius rods and tie rods on close out! Check out the killer deals on our website -->! All our rods are machined...
  17. Maverick XRC
    I have had 'em all since the first 660 Rhino. With high hopes, I just plunked down the cash for a super sexy brand new X3 XRC. I absolutely love the package with all the skid plates, full doors, winch, cool blue accents, roof, bead locks etc, etc, etc. And you want to talk about blurry fast...
  18. Maverick X3
    I have a 2018 X3 XRS 2 seater, I'm trying to adjust the suspension so it's a little more comfortable when going through the choppy stuff at slower speeds. I've completely softened high and low speed dampening, front and rear. I adjusted the rear crossover up about an inch. It still rattles our...
  19. The Suspension Guy
    I have been, and will be driving and fine tuning the X3 rs, and Ds models over the next month putting together recipes to fit owners styles so you can get the most out of your new x3. From just tweeking the stock equipment, to changing a few springs to fit your ride, Plus revalving to get a...
  20. FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    I am converting from an xxc to the standard 64" wide. I already have a complete rear and one set of front arms. I believe the upper front are the same driver vs passenger side. So either side will work. The lower I need the driver side. I will I'll also have a stock xxc suspension package for...
1-20 of 27 Results