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  1. Member Introduction
    Have about 160 miles on my machine . Rear passenger side axle is broken , boot is completely fine not sure how long it’s been broke. Dealer says it’s not warranty ? Is this common. Thinking of buying the rhino 2.0 ant advice ?
  2. Super ATV
    Put my boxed a arms on with my full halo locker. The center brace on the upper driver side a arms wouldn’t clear the actuator. In order to clear it you have to bend it
  3. Super ATV
    When are you going to come out with a carrier bearing replacement for the Maverick X3 like you currently make for the RZR line?
  4. Suspension
    Hi All, In the middle of installing a GDP Portal Lift from SuperATV on my Maverick. Question and it may be a dumb one for people that own these...Where is the oil fill? It says to check periodically as well but once the rotor is on I can't see an easy accessible spot for oil. Nothing listed in...
1-4 of 4 Results