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  1. Can I use E85 for a Evo Powersports Stage 3r tune?

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    Hello hooligans! I have an 2018 x3rs. It has the Evolution Powersports 3R tune and all the bits and bobs that go with it. Im using normal NZ fuel, octane 95. I was wondering can i use E85 gas (which is available at the service station just up the road). Will the car adjust to the E85 or...
  2. Stage 3R tune

    Maverick XRS
    Hey all, im a long time reader first time writer! And from New Zealand. Thanks for all your great tips. I have a 2018 X3rs... Im using Evo Powersports kit... I have the Captains exhaust. The Vflow intake. And have just upgraded to the Stage 3R tune. However my tune agent in NZ is saying i...