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    Maverick Sport
    Has anyone installed a bump seat on their maverick sport yet? If so any pictures? Thanks.
  2. 2020 Maverick Sport Eco/Sport Mode Missing

    Member Introduction
    Hello, I am in the process of purchasing a 2020 Maverick Sport DPS 1000. I told the dealer Saturday I wanted it but they were closing shortly and got me set up for Tuesday to go through everything. Since then I have been doing research on the unit and what accessories I could want. During the...
  3. Whip Brackets/Mounting

    Maverick Sport
    Does anyone have any pictures or maybe just some answers for me here? I have 2 LED Whips and I'm looking for places or brackets for good mounting but also don't want to take my rear cargo space out of the question, been looking at brackets but I'm not sure what size the cage on the 20 sport...
  4. My New Edition

    My New Edition

  5. Mav Sport DPS to Mav XMR Taillight Conversion

    Maverick Sport
    Don’t know if anyone else is interested in this but, I like the look of these way better and they’re a lot brighter. I like the halo ring around the edge. Anyways here’s some before and after pics. They are direct plug and play... can’t beat that!
  6. Maintenance Message Reset

    Maverick Sport
    I used to be able to do this on my old maverick. What are the steps to do this on the trail/sport? I couldn’t find it anywhere in the owners manual. I do all of my maintenance myself and this would be good to know seeing that it’s always on even though I just did an oil change. Any help is...
  7. Electrical Wiring Accessories Maverick Sport XRC

    Maverick Sport
    Hey team, I am at a loss on this. The wiring diagram for my Sport XRC shows JB1, a 3 screw terminal block under the dash, and specifically terminal 3 POST_ACC as the 12VDC supply to, I would imagine, add on accessories. The color code of the wire that feeds this terminal, W453, is purple (not...
  8. Electrical Wiring Question - Extra Connectors

    Maverick Sport
    I am curious about a couple of items in the wiring. Behind the dash center there are at least two connectors just hanging there, one on a very short set of wires obviously intended for another rocker switch for the last empty rocker slot and is the green one in the first photo and is actually...
  9. New Bike

    Maverick Trail
    Just arrived, my new maverick. Think i might be one of the first ones on the forum to post one of these. Its still at the dealer since I am out of town. Picking it up next week. Sport 1000R DPS Getting the Bimini top as well as the half windshield for now.
  10. Sport Low Mod For Sale

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    I have the wickedcummins sport low mod for sale. The only sport low that doesn't use a resistor. You can read details about it in his fleabay ad. He is listing the mod for $130. I will sell mine for $ shipped in the continental U.S. I'm going to a reflashed ECU which is why I am selling it. I...