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  1. BRP Snorkel air intake to small

    Member Introduction
    Hi all. Just bought a 2020 X3 XDS turbo RR. We're trying to install a brp snorkel kit. The snorkel air intake is way smaller than the air box inlet. Help!?
  2. X3 XMR Snorkel Cap Replacement

    Member Introduction
    Hey everybody, opening a thread here has been my last resort as i have searched for hours and hours about a replacement for a cap on the snorkel on my XMR without luck. Long story short, i rolled over my XMR, all good no damage after inspection, but it was at night, and didn't noticed the cap...
  3. NIB XMR Snorkel kit for sale, one day only!!!

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    NIB XMR Snorkel kit for sale! I ended up buying a XMR snorkel kit and a particle seperator st the same time and ended up going with the separator. The kit is new in the box. Original packaging. Only opened it to make sure everything was there. Looking to seek quick otherwise I'll take it back...
  4. Homemade snorkel for CVT exhaust

    Maverick X3
    Has anyone extended or snorkeled the CVT exhaust ducting? It is ridiculously low and gets water in it all time time, causing my belt to slip. Most of the time I'm not going through deep water, it just splashes in there.
  5. 2016 can am maverick 1000r turbo snorkel

    Maverick Discussions
    anybody have a clue on how to snorkel a maverick 1000r turbo to where when it goes back for warranty work i can take it off and it wont void warranty? Mainly interested in snorkeling the belt box. Thanks in advance.
  6. Help! snorkel cap lost!

    FS/WTB - Miscellaneous
    Hello, im new in this forum, just got my 2014 Mav XMR last friday Problem is, the snorkel caps behind the seats werent tightened correctly and they fell. I managed to find one but the other has been lost forever:disappointed: The question is, do any of you guys sell or know where can i buy...
  7. What's the best snorkel kit available?

    Maverick XRS
    Just bought a maverick and wondering what's the best complete kit available? Diff vents and everything else. Also wouldn't mind it to be clean looking. Like the xmr yellow tops they have on . Thanks for your input
  8. snorkeling question

    Maverick Discussions
    I know there is a million different threads on snorkeling, and I searched them just didn't find a answer to my questions. First off is anyone putting silicone on there air box for a better seal? Second is anyone wrapping there abs for the CVT exhaust in heat wrap or is it just fine with out it...
  9. snorkel on the 1000r xmr

    Maverick Discussions
    just fyi for the guys who have the XMR. The snorkel's from the factory runs down the back of the seat area. with that being said please be very careful putting your seat back in. I took mine out this morning and noticed that were the seat latch's down there are some pretty nice deep scratches...