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  1. Dual Rate Spring Setup - Sport Max

    Member Introduction
    Testing out new dual spring kit from Shock Therapy. I also had them do internal valving. Dual Rate Shock Setup - Maverick Sport Max
  2. Shipping your suspension to a tuner?

    Maverick XRS
    So im trying to figure out the best way and cost to ship my suspension to my tuner of choice (ST). Was wondering who has done this. What it cost cost you? How long was the ship time? What shipping company you went with? (I'm assuming ups) Did they have the right box to ship with? Or where did u...
  3. Stock XRS Suspension Tuning in Texas

    Maverick XRS
    All, I have a 2018 2 seater X3 XRS with the front locker. As many threads talk about my suspension needs to be tuned bad. The rear end kicks off any sort of bump or ledge very dramatically. Any jump over 15 mph I feel like I would land on the roof. I have watched the youtube videos and have...