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  1. intoduction

    Member Introduction
    hi everyone. my name is greg. work at auto alarm an sound in gta. just bought first quad 2013 1000r. looking for larger rear storage box. and hard roof used. any ideas where to find used accessories.
  2. New Product Alert: Maverick X3 Mesh Top Roof

    Get some protection from the sun without completely blocking it! We have a new, easy to install, mesh roof top. See more pictures and info here!
  3. Roofs (or is it rooves)?

    Maverick X3
    Besides the BRP plastic & aluminum and the Lonestar aluminum, what other options do us X3 owners have? I'm looking to get a roof asap and don't want to spend a ton of money in the process...
  4. Ct race worx roof

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    I have a new never installed only test fitted roof from ct race worxs it is a black roof with manta green mounts. the only reason I am selling is because I have an overhead audio system from ssv works that the mounts interfere with. I am trying to get $300 for it which is what is cost from ct...
  5. Lots of Mav parts 4sale! Engine, diffs, axles, ecu, radiator, roof, cage, wheels, +

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    I have a lot of Maverick parts for sale. They are all off of a 2014 Mav Max Xrs. All parts have approx 600 miles unless otherwise listed. (closer to 350 because speedo was off due to tracks) I am attempting a Z1 conversion so all power and drive line parts are available. Please pm me if you are...
  6. Use caution with EMP

    Maverick Accessories
    EMP roof a few issues I ordered a roof for my new xd s from EMP and it took over 20 days to get. I finally got my roof and upon opening it I noticed a few dings and one dent. These are not deal breakers but this roof is over $450 and I needed it for a Ride with my kids so I installed it. I did...
  7. Quote request: Looking for a Can-Am brand aluminum top. Best price???

    Maverick Accessories
    I'm looking for a roof like pictured below unless the price is ridiculous. Can I get some quotes from some dealers shipped to 37620? I think white would be great, but I'm open to black if that's all that you can get it in. It's for a 2014 model 2 seater. Hook a brother up, fellas! Thanks in...
  8. Audi Formz Can Am Maverick XRS Stereo Top

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    I am selling my Audio Formz top that i Absolutely love!!! It has 8" Rockford Fosgate speakers Installed 4 of them I also had it Dyno matted inside so its top notch all you need to do is add a head unit and a amp and its ready top roll The top cost me 1100 and the speakers almost 800 the...
  9. Can-AM Aluminum Sport Roof OEM

    Maverick Accessories
    I am trying to install this roof on a base 2014 maverick. The instructions that came with the roof are garbage. The part list for my year and model says I need to use a certain number of parts, but when I go through the instructions it doesn't use all the parts...... It says to cut the rubber...
  10. Can am deluxe convertible roof????

    Maverick Accessories
    My girl want me to get the can am convertible roof. Anyone have any experience? Is the back part plastic? Or is it fabric? I wanted to go with a aftermarket aluminum. What are your thoughts?