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rocker switch

  1. On - Off - On 7 PIN Rocker Switch Wiring

    Maverick Accessories
    Hi all, I need some help wiring up a 3 way on-off-on 7 pin rocker switch. I currently have a 40" light bar on the roof but want to add pods on the sides and a shock tower light. I want to wire it so that the shock and pods are on one throw and then everything on on the other throw. I know how...
  2. Head lights, hi/low beam rocker switch issues.

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hi all,I’m new to the SXS world with my purchase of a used 2013 1000R and I looove it. Spent the weekend installing a Razorback belt gauge, MTX sound bar, UHF radio and fixing the led light bar. However I'm stumped on this one... When I turn the key on to “lights” the inner, lower pair of...
  3. OEM Rocker Switches Color Change

    Maverick Accessories
    Has anyone changes the glow color of the OEM rocker Switches from red to a different color?
  4. Best wire to connect rocker switch lighting?

    Maverick Accessories
    I'm looking for the best wire to connect the light wire in 5 pin, 7 pin, etc rocker switches? I want the switch to light up only when the key is on. I have the switches wired correctly for functionality but I still need the switch to splice in the last pin. If any one can give suggestions or...