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radius rods

  1. Bent Middle Radius Rod - One More Ride

    Last night while replacing my belt I noticed my middle radius rod on driver’s side is bent. I had a short trip planned for this evening and tomorrow and don’t have time to procure a new one and install. Is there a risk of damaging other parts if I run it as-is for about 100 miles? I can’t see...

    Assault Industries
    Check out our new Heavy Duty High Clearance Radius Rods at ASSAULTIND.COM! Get 18% off using discount code STAYSTRONG at checkout. Fits Can Am Maverick X3 XRS ONLY Plus 2IN of clearance Improved Strength and Rigidity over OEM Direct Bolt-on Replacement Heavy duty adjustable Chromoly Heim...
  3. CT Race Worx 72" High Clearance Billet Radius Rod Kit - Installed!

    Maverick X3
    Hello all, I am newer here to the forums, finally figured out how to post (thanks Mega!). I have an XRC Turbo R that I purchased a few months ago and am still newer to driving it. Thus far I have been a bit less than satisfied with the build quality on this thing (you can see my post under...
  4. Double Shear Brackets Back In Stock...For Now!

    Assault Industries
    Get em' while they're hot! We have about 20 sets remaining after fulfilling all our backorders and they won't last long! Check them out at! Use the special...
  5. S3 Power Sports Rear Radius Rods!

    Maverick X3
    Hey Guys! We (S3 Power Sports) have finished our production run of our Maverick X3 XRS radius rods from top to bottom. They are available on our website or you can call in and get set up with a set! Let us know what you think! ready to ship out of the door today! 855-221-7097
  6. S3 Power Sports High Clearance Lower Radius Rods

    Maverick X3
    We, S3 Power Sports, ​are releasing our High Clearance Lower Radius Rods today! We have these in stock and ready to ship out!!! Give us a call at the shop to get yours ordered! We will have the middles and uppers to match very soon! 855-221-7097!