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  1. Maverick Discussions
    I was installing a bump seat in my can am x3 22 xrc and after i was all done i noticed the safety wire was ripped out and just sitting there, where does it go? i put it in drive to see if the alarm came on for seatbelt but it didnt.
  2. Member Introduction
    Was wondering if anyone else on here has banging or the sound of metal clanking coming from the rear of their X3. I have a 2019 Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo bought new a few months back and had this problem from factory. You can hear the sound from the video linked here.
  3. Maverick X3 Max
    base x3 max turbo, 500 some odd miles, guy supposedly traded it in to upgrade to one of the higher (faster) models. wondering what i should be sure to look at, or keep an eye out for when i go to look it over. never had a SxS before, am a motorcycle guy, and former offroad experience was with...
  4. Assault Industries
    Assault Industries is now the proud owner of a new Maverick X3 XRS! We’re curious, as owners, what you see as things that could be improved that could potentially be developed by our engineers here at Assault Industries. These vehicles are very expensive and, like you, we want to get the best...
1-4 of 4 Results