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  1. XRS (blue) Grip problem

    Member Introduction
    Well then so be it, hello everyone. I'm new here . Sorry in advance for my English. So this is how I want to start drifting with the vehicle, I closed the damper and hardened everything but there is one problem: and there is something else hallucinatory in the vehicle that I can not get rid...
  2. Weird clunking sound

    Maverick X3
    So my last ride was a bit rough, riding full speed downhill and when i was coming to the level ground, my rear end hit the surface because i was driving too fast and the shocks compacted fully and the rear end touched the ground , at first i thought i even cracked the chassis. After detailed...
  3. PLEASE READ!!!! X3 brake failure while riding!!!

    Maverick X3
    I posted this in one of the facebook groups and it has happened to a couple other people. The passenger rear banjo bolt on the caliper wasnt tight and backed off while I was riding. I found out going into a very fast turn when I didnt have rear brakes. The outcome wasnt nearly as bad as it could...
  4. Factory and Aftermarket Accessories Issues To Be Aware Of

    Maverick Accessories
    I thought I would start a thread where members could post the problems they experienced with accessories purchased from Can Am or Aftermarket. Please post only problems or issues observed with the accessory you purchased. Please also comment on how the vendor or Can Am responded or took care of...