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  1. 2013 Maverick 1000 Parts Wanted

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    Hello everyone, I am rebuilding a 2013 Can Am Maverick 1000 and looking for any body parts (plastics) for sale. I am in Central Illinois but also willing to pay shipping if you are willing to ship any parts. Intersted in left side or drivers side front fender (hood sides) and basically all of...
  2. Xxc/Xrs Plastic For Sale

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  3. Push Pins swap for faster access to the cvt cover

    Maverick Discussions
    Hello guys, does anyone knows is there a different type of push pins that can be used instead of the original plastic Push Pins, that take too much time to be removed to get to the CVT box? I had an idea to use the Quick Release Pins that are 8mm diameter and 10mm long, but they are too...
  4. Switch Plastics ?!?!?

    Maverick XMR
    Hey Everyone, I own a commander right now, but will be soon trading up for a Maverick XDS. I went to the dealership and really like the black carbon fiber plastics, but absolutely love the digital camo plastics on the XMR. I am just curious if anyone is in the market and would be willing to...
  5. Different colored plastics or wraps

    Maverick Accessories
    Has anyone found any different colored plastics out there? Or has anyone got theirs wrapped and it looked good? I don't want to do any painting but I do want to do something different. Any suggestions?