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  1. Pre-Desert Season Preparations!!

    Desert Season is coming quickly!! Still running the stock intake? UMP Superfilter Kits have been added to the Mav5Forum discount code list! What else do you need to be ready of the desert season?
  2. Best X3 Air Filter on the Market? Is this one it?

    We are really excited to be adding Agency Power to our line of aftermarket products. A couple of their products stand out as some of the best value & performance we have found but what's your opinion? More to come in another thread... This air filter has us excited because it takes the place...
  3. Need something custom made?

    Post it up on and get vendors to bid on the project for you. No obligation and free to use for all! Sign up as a customer, vendor, or both. Thanks
  4. Performance mods?

    Maverick Discussions
    Any real world experience with Performance Bolt on Mods for the 1000R? Clutching, Exhaust, Intake, Program, ect...? Stock Intake & Exhaust seem very restricted, clutching seems way off at this elevation (4500ft)? What works ...What doesn't?
  5. HMF Exhaust System: Dual or 3/4 Full System: 10% OFF Coupon

    HMF Racing
    The Can Am Maverick can now be unleashed with the HMF dual and 3/4 full exhaust. Both these systems give the Maverick an angry, aggressive sound while maintaining a low volume output, and increasing horse power throughout the power curve. AND... if you're REALLY interested in picking up one of...