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  1. GDP Portal Lift Oil Fill

    Hi All, In the middle of installing a GDP Portal Lift from SuperATV on my Maverick. Question and it may be a dumb one for people that own these...Where is the oil fill? It says to check periodically as well but once the rotor is on I can't see an easy accessible spot for oil. Nothing listed in...
  2. Another Oil Pressure Sending Unit Location?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I have been researching gauges for some time and bought a few Intellitronix LED gauges. Ive read a few threads about the oil pressure sending unit location but saw another spot that seems to be also for a sending unit but not sure if its for oil pressure or water temperature. I was curious if...
  3. Oil??

    Maverick Discussions
    So I really like amsoil and have ran it in most my race cars... I cant remember what I ran in my old canam 800. amsoils web site says to run 0w 40??? if you atv calls for 5w 40 which is the maverick all seasons oil. whats there summer blend weight? My problem is that I stay either under water...