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  1. Rattle trap

    Maverick X3
    The 'ol X3 is sure quickly becoming a rattle trap. My wife and I both agree its a little unnerving hearing all the pops, clunks, clanks, rattles, etc. with only 275ish miles on it. To break down the 275 miles.... 50 dunes 50 forest roads (low-med speed) 75 trails 100 fire roads (med-high...
  2. Awful clanking while NOT under load

    Maverick X3
    I have an X3 XDs with less than 40 miles on it. On rocky, rutted up trails in northwest Arkansas the machine makes a very loud clanking sound when ff the throttle driving over choppy terrain. It also makes the sound while feathering the throttle over the same terrain. If you put it under load...
  3. Knock Knock

    Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Non-Turbo
    Anyone having a knocking sound coming from the engine bay at low RPM? Rode Saturday and noticed a knocking sound around 1500-2500. Doesn’t seem to be engine related because it goes away after that but at low RPM’s in Low gear cruising it is annoying. It also does it in High gear. I rode a...