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  1. New (to me) 2019 x3 120hp SW MI

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    I am new to the SXS world and have been out if the ATV/dirt bike world for a long time. Just picked up a new (96 mile) X3 turbo. Looking for trail advice in SW Michigan. And groups to ride with. Any essential mods. I have a glass windshield, rear plexiglas, lower doors fender extensions...
  2. New Member from Colorado Springs

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    Hello everyone. Just bought my first x3 max. I told my wife I may as well be buying another JEEP when I saw all the possible mods you can do. I take delivery today. I just hope I dont catch the fever too bad. I have never even been in a SxS let a lone drove on. New owner tips appreciated.
  3. Pulled the trigger on new 2018 X3 X rc Turbo in SoCal - now what to customize???

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    After driving my buddies 2018 X3 X rc Turbo R in Anza Borrego last weekend, I was hooked. Opted for the 120hp, 64" version due to budget and deep discount on last remaining 2018 unit. Picking it up later this week. Adding the aluminum roof, front intrusion bars, lower door panels and 4-point...