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  1. Maverick Trail, Sport, (Gen2) Commander
    Hi Everyone, I know the sway bar(s) are the never-ending conversation starters here, but I’ve doing my research on the clunking noise up front on my 2020 sport xrc with 350 miles. Based on feedback from others, I checked all the bolts and they are tight. Basically, if I grab the front sway bar...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hey, new sport should be here soon. Looking to upgrade stock skid first thing as trails are rocky on east coast Canada. Looking at Can Am’s HMWPE ones (available through dealer so easy to order and have installed). Now I know they’re the least heavy duty out of all aftermarket ones, but just...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hey I’m new to this forum. I have a 2019 Maverick Sport XMR. I replaced the OEM halogen lights with LED lights. Now when I turn my high beams on, the low beams go off. Maybe switch or fuse or something?
1-3 of 3 Results