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  1. jack daddy

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    I have a 2017 maverick max.... not x3... i purchased the jack daddy and it comes with brackets for the rear but I cannot figure out how to mount it... front is simple in the shock bolt but rear doesn't make sense to me... anyone have this and how did you mount it... thanks
  2. Dismantle Gas tank for Maverick 1000R max 2014

    Member Introduction
    Hey guys, My UTV was kept outside without fuel tank cab for long time, yesterday while I'm putting the tank cab I discovered that my tank is rusted from inside, however the fuel pump still working, Actually i want to dismantle the tank to clean it in order to avoid damaging the fuel pump. Any...
  3. Maverick Max Battery questions

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    I have a maverick max (non x3) will a full size car battery fit in the stock location? I don't want to do a 2 battery setup, but my stereo system needs to be able to draw more power and the stock battery is trash for that. is there a battery that will fit the location in the Maverick Max, or am...
  4. Tips on grease fittings

    For the second time, I have tried to grease fittings but I broke another fitting off. At least every other fitting the grease gun gets struck and I have to carefully pry off or the fittings break off. Suggestions... Should I use needle instead? If so, what type and/or kind? Last time dealer...
  5. Maverick max xrs dps $20,000.00 or reasonable best offer

    FS/WTB - Mavericks
    for sale $20,000.00 location north mississippi low miles 100.4 low hrs 21.2 got after we were hit by a truck on our atv in sept 2014 only rode three time,just not ready to ride again yet,and still have medical issues parts include ct raceworks hd tie rods turnkey yellow sport roof turnkey rear...
  6. Can Am Commander Max & Maverick Max 2014 and Newer Sport Roof with Skylight #71500196

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    Asking $500. Retails for $849 plus tax. Barely used sport roof with holes in front section for lightbar. Holes are currently capped DESCRIPTION Commander MAX 2014 & up Maverick MAX 2014 & up Maverick MAX X ds Roof for protection against the elements without compromising exposure to...
  7. Maverick Max Fun at Dunefest 2014

    Maverick Racing & Events
    I hadn't been to the Oregon coast so Dunefest became the perfect reason to take the family and some time off to head west from Boise, ID. It was an impressive event, some bad ass machines and the cooler weather was a nice break. I've only had the Maverick Max for a few good runs, so I was...
  8. Bent Ball Joint on Tie Rod for 2014 Maverick Max Help Newb

    I bent the tie rod on the front passenger side and when I was replacing it with one from CT Race Worx, I noticed the ball joint was bent about 25 degrees or so as well. The ball joint rotates and moves much more freely when compared to the driver side. I am unsure of how to remove the ball joint...
  9. Utv inc can am maverick 12 pack cooler rack

    UTV Inc
    Needing a simple solution to carry some ice cold beverages in your Can Am Maverick or Maverick Max? Well the UTV INC 12 pack cooler rack is the easiest solution! Will attach into the Maverick and Maverick Max LINQ beds with custom UTV INC mounts. These will attach to either the LEFT or RIGHT...