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  1. Member Introduction
    Good morning fellow riders, My name is Kevin. We just picked up our, new to us, 2019 Can-Am Maverick 1000 MAX. We are somewhat new to this community. About 2 years ago we bought a place in Birchwood, WI on Red Cedar Lake. Not soon after we bought we noticed there was a ton of side by side...
  2. Maverick X3
    I have a 2020 Maverick thats sat for probably 6 months. When i go over 40 - 50 MPH it goes into limp mode. I get codes P0301, P0302, P0303 which are cylinders 1, 2, 3 misfires. I changed it to a second belt and get the same problem. Only other thing i noticed is that its kind of jerky when first...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hi. I’ll be receiving my Maverick sport dps 2022 this week. Bought the power flip windshield. I’m looking for a wiper/washer kit. So far Cam-Am only makes them for the power lift on the x3 models. Anyone ever saw a kit for a sport or trail ? Thanks
  4. Maverick X3
    I own 2019 x3 maverick, 2 month ago the vehicle has started lagging while driving very poorly. I checked all the sensors, the turbo and everything came to my mind . A friend told me to reset the computer and I got someone to do it for me. I don't know how but that fixed the problem completely...
  5. Member Introduction
    Hey y’all new here, I have a 2015 maverick 1000 turbo xds. Had to replace my starter so removed belt box and secondary came off easy. Seems someone before me broke a puller off inside primary clutch( stm primary and secondary) so I had to disassemble the primary and cut the fixed sheave off the...
  6. Member Introduction
    Hey everyone! I just bought a new 2021 Maverick Trail 1000. I want to love it but it is not a smooth ride. It’s extremely loud and sounds like a cheap engine. My 2001 Honda four wheeler rides extremely smooth and is rather quiet. is this normal or do I need to take it back in to be looked at...
  7. Maverick Trail, Sport, (Gen2) Commander
    Has anyone installed a bump seat on their maverick sport yet? If so any pictures? Thanks.
  8. Member Introduction
    I recently picked up my 2020 Sport 1000R, looking to do a Slip-On Exhaust, any recommendations? I seen the factory options as far as Yoshimura but just looking for possibly cheaper, any thoughts? Also wondering about chips, do they have to be installed to use a slip on? Will it mess with the...
  9. Member Introduction
    Some how my headlight has rubbed a hole in the top of my shock and it blew out all the fluid so I am looking for a good used shock for the right front fox shock and does it matter left to right are they the same they look the same to me but all the listings I find have them marked left or right
  10. Member Introduction
    Hey guys, My UTV was kept outside without fuel tank cab for long time, yesterday while I'm putting the tank cab I discovered that my tank is rusted from inside, however the fuel pump still working, Actually i want to dismantle the tank to clean it in order to avoid damaging the fuel pump. Any...
  11. Member Introduction
    I just purchase a 2016 Can-am maverick 1000r X xc last Friday. I took it out on the trails, found myself in a position that I need 4wd. So I switched it into 4wd the solenoid is engaging the 4wd indicator is showing on the dash but with all four wheels on the ground with 4wd selected I’m only...
  12. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, I am rebuilding a 2013 Can Am Maverick 1000 and looking for any body parts (plastics) for sale. I am in Central Illinois but also willing to pay shipping if you are willing to ship any parts. Intersted in left side or drivers side front fender (hood sides) and basically all of...
  13. Vendor Deals
    Hello Maverick Forums Members, We are having a huge sale on the RT Pro Spring kits. Save up to 30% off the complete spring kits, and get free standard shipping to the lower 48. **limited time only** CODE: RTSPRING20
  14. Wheels and Tires
    2014 complete set (4) OEM Stock Bead Lock Red RIMS and tires. 27x12x12 rears and 27x9.75x12 Mud Machine Tires. 1 rear rim is slightly bent. 450.00 complete set Another complete (4) set of OEM Stock Bead Lock yellow-rims. 28x11x12 ITP MEGA MEYHEM. Great condition and a great price. $450.00...
  15. Member Introduction
    I recently sold my RZR and bought the maverick XMR. Love the nasty power this thing has. I was wondering if there is any secrets or need to know things that I need to know about the machine. Im also looking for a good roof and sound system if anybody knows any good ones. Thanks
  16. FS/WTB - Mavericks
    for sale $20,000.00 location north mississippi low miles 100.4 low hrs 21.2 got after we were hit by a truck on our atv in sept 2014 only rode three time,just not ready to ride again yet,and still have medical issues parts include ct raceworks hd tie rods turnkey yellow sport roof turnkey rear...
  17. Maverick Photos and Videos
    Had to work on my Bday I still found time to do what I wanted to do will be uploading a couple of these on my channel<check your video settings 720 ^>
  18. FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    I have a new stock roll cage off a 2014 Maverick X RS. I'm located in Northern California just north of Sacramento. I am willing to ship at buyer's expense. Asking $500. This cage kit, front and rear retails for $945.99. Part # 705203579
1-19 of 27 Results