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  1. Southwest Owners
    Hey I live in Northern Colorado and unfortunately see a need to say that either no one owns a UTV around here or they are all lame and want to drive down a dirt road that my grandpa could take his Mercedes on. Anyway enough with that. I want to get a group of people together that want to ride...
  2. Maverick X3
    I haven't found any information on the torq lockers other than they are coming and The supplier sold out in 3hrs. Anyone here install and test yet? I'm split as of yet between this or the halo.
  3. Maverick Discussions
    I've read many articles on this product, but have searched and searched for it on the web and have yet to find a place to purchase them. Does anyone have any details or info? Or know if they are available or where to get ahold of one? Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results