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  1. Maverick Accessories
    Can Am has a locking gas gap (715001124) for $45. I did some research and found a locking gas cap at Autozone for $12.50. It's a CST #5795. You can also use Stant #10595. You should be able to cross reference other brands if you want. The CST keys are plastic overmolded with GAS stamped into the...
  2. Maverick Builds, Projects, How-Tos
    This is my first how to thread so please be nice. I actually saw this on the commander forum while trying to find a parking brake. I know UTV Inc has a parking brake but I have the Super ATV EZ Steering kit installed and UTV Inc. could not confirm that their parking brake is compatible with the...
  3. Maverick Discussions
    Now we know that GKN is the manufacturer of Can Am's Visco Lok front diff. We also know that GKN has already developed selectable diff lock technology that can be added to any of their diff units (including the Visco Lok). Are YOU asking Can Am to add a manually selectable front diff locker...
1-3 of 3 Results