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  1. Electrical Wiring Discussion - Extra plugs

    Member Introduction
    Does anyone have a schematic for a 2019 Maverick Sport XRC? Is it in a service manual? I am curious about a couple of items in the wiring. Behind the dash center there are at least two connectors just hanging there, one on a very short set of wires obviously intended for another rocker switch...
  2. Sector Seven Spectrum - LED Mirror Lights

    Check out these AWESOME Sector Seven Mirror Lights! They're really bright LED lights AND great mirrors. Plus, since the lights are lower down on the car, they perform better in the dusty conditions...
  3. LED Light Bar, Accent Lighting and Whip Recommendations

    Maverick X3
    Ok looking for a LED Light Bar, LED accent lighting and LED whip. Which ones would you guys recommend? Do any of the LED Light Bars have accent lighting? I thought I saw one the other day but can't seem to locate it now.