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  1. Light Bar Recommendations?

    Member Introduction
    Hi, 2015 Maverick Max XDS Turbo in search of a reasonably priced straight light bar. What say you?
  2. On - Off - On 7 PIN Rocker Switch Wiring

    Maverick Accessories
    Hi all, I need some help wiring up a 3 way on-off-on 7 pin rocker switch. I currently have a 40" light bar on the roof but want to add pods on the sides and a shock tower light. I want to wire it so that the shock and pods are on one throw and then everything on on the other throw. I know how...
  3. Sector Seven Spectrum - LED Mirror Lights

    Check out these AWESOME Sector Seven Mirror Lights! They're really bright LED lights AND great mirrors. Plus, since the lights are lower down on the car, they perform better in the dusty conditions...
  4. Customer Input Needed !!! Baja Designs - Maverick X3 LED Lighting Kits

    Baja Designs
    Customer Input Needed !!! - Baja Designs - Maverick X3 LED Lighting Kits Hey Everyone! Bailey here with Baja Designs. We are considering making a 10" S8 LED Light Bar mount kit for the Maverick X3. We'd like to know if this is something you are interested in and what your thoughts are...
  5. Baja Designs - XL Series LED Aux. Lights - NEW Products !

    Baja Designs
    Bailey here from Baja Designs. The XL is our 4.5"x4.5" LED Auxiliary light. Our XL Series has a wide variety of different patterns and performance options. This includes the XL Sport, XL Pro, XL80, and XL Racer and start at $199.95. Don't forget! We also have XL-R Models (Round Bezel) For...
  6. Baja Designs - S8 LED Light Bar - NEW Products !

    Baja Designs Baja Designs latest LED light bar comes with a few new perks! Enjoy the clean aluminum frame with 4,000 lumens of pure power, low amp draw of 3.33 amps, and nearly 50,000 hours of LED life. The S8 also features upgraded reflectors, an amber backlit feature, and new scalloped...
  7. Halo lights gone crazy

    Maverick Accessories
    found with halos light. had to order twice for the correct size:money::crazy::smile: the red and white in the cup holders did not fit the front headlights, so found other options for them, headlamp halos are the 70mm, jusy fyi
  8. single row light bar xk glow?

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Has anyone used these slim line light bars. Im thinking of getting one of these xk glow 40" made in usa 15,800lm or eyourlife 40"china.. both of them are sporting 40- 5w leds any thoughts!
  9. My build so far !

    Maverick Builds, Projects, How-Tos
    installed last week and yesterday : 42 inch light bar 3 inch lift kit xds fender flares installed in 2014 : can am bimini top Dragon fire Hiboy doors can am half windshiel winch superwinch terra 3500 lbs click n go 66 inch snow plow To come : sport low stereo bumpers rock sliders skid...
  10. CREE LED Light Bar Sale! All Come with LIFETIME Warranty!!!! @ Team FAS Motorsports

    Team FAS Motorsports
    Going to update a new Sale Thread guys! Below are the Current Prices. Remember FREE SHIPPING in the Lower 48 States and Lifetime Warranty on all Lights!! CREE LED LIGHTS ALL IN STOCK! LED Cubes 6 LEDS PER Pair - $110 Free Shipping 6" CREE LED BAR - $99 Free Shipping, 2880 Lumens 12" CREE LED...