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  1. Maverick Sport 1000R Rear Axle Oring - Cant find one!

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Hey everyone, Thought I had a rear axle seal leak, tore everything apart to get at the seal and found the Oring was destroyed on the Axle. Its purpose is to seal crap out and keep grease on the splines where the axle goes into the rear gearcase. Looks like the spline grease just got warm on...
  2. Loose Air Lines?

    Maverick XMR
    I bought my machine last July and never really noticed any issues with the ACS. Every now and then I will get an "Air Fault" on the dash, but before I can look into it it goes away. Today I backed it out of the garage to do a little better job cleaning up underneath and thought I could hear an...
  3. Maverick Max valve cover gasket leaking

    Maverick Discussions
    Well there was a smell of oil burning and i found that the valve cover gasket on my Max is leaking on the exhaust. It only as 750 miles on it. It leaks on the exhaust and it drops on the drive saft. I tryed to thight the bolt but was only able to do 1/4 of a turn. Enyone else had that problem ???