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  1. Maverick Racing & Events
    Can-am took 1st and 2nd for the "Desert series" PRO UTV KOH race for 2022, with Austin Weiland taking 1ST! Kyle Chaney taking 2nd and Ryan Piplic taking 3rd in his Polaris (not the PRO R, its in a different class) . Results below! This is the first race in the series being held at KOH. Thursday...
  2. Maverick X3
    I've been on here for over a year ,just became a member . I have gotten a lot of good info and awesome contacts from you guys?. I raced KOH and after, during prep for the next race i found the steering rack loose. the part the tie rods mounts to rolls up and down explaining why it felt shaky on...
1-2 of 2 Results