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  1. Assault Industries
    The Assault Industries dual push-to-talk communications plate (PPT plate) installs between the steering wheel and hub/quick release adapter. The PPT plate enables the use of a comm. radio push-to-talk button and another accessory such as horn, push to pass boost system or whatever you want to...
  2. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Ready to pull the trigger on intercom and car to car system. I find it odd that the systems don’t come standard with volume control on the headsets. Is this not a necessity with the systems? If you don’t have your own volume control, do all passengers have to listen at the same volume? I’m...
  3. Maverick X3
    I modified the Can Am X3 device holder ($139.99 on Amazon) by cutting the door off. I used my Rugged Radio RM-25R radio and 660 intercom set along with the FP-686P-BLK face plate from Rugged to use as the mounting bracket for the 660 Intercom ($40.00). I left the 12-volt plug in place on the...
  4. Maverick Accessories
    Hey, i'm looking into getting intercom/radio set up for a 2 seat maverick. I like the price of the RRP360 intercom kit from Rugged Radios, any feed back on this kit would be greatly appreciated. I have never used any communication kit before.
1-4 of 7 Results