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  1. BRP Snorkel air intake to small

    Member Introduction
    Hi all. Just bought a 2020 X3 XDS turbo RR. We're trying to install a brp snorkel kit. The snorkel air intake is way smaller than the air box inlet. Help!?
  2. Pre-Desert Season Preparations!!

    Desert Season is coming quickly!! Still running the stock intake? UMP Superfilter Kits have been added to the Mav5Forum discount code list! What else do you need to be ready of the desert season?
  3. N/A mav intake

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I've only seen one pic of the air intake on a turbo mav on here somewhere and can't find it again. But from what it looked like, it might be shorter then the N/A mav intake. Has anyone ever tried the turbo setup (minus the turbo and intercooler) to see if there's any gains on power from a...
  4. Performance mods?

    Maverick Discussions
    Any real world experience with Performance Bolt on Mods for the 1000R? Clutching, Exhaust, Intake, Program, ect...? Stock Intake & Exhaust seem very restricted, clutching seems way off at this elevation (4500ft)? What works ...What doesn't?
  5. Air Intake Pre-filter

    Maverick Discussions
    I saw this on the Can Am website and was wondering if anybody has installed this prefilter on their Maverick and could provide any feedback on the installation and performance. It look like the filter is installed somewhere behind the glovebox. It's also supposed to fit on the Commander. I...