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  1. Rigid Rear Window Install

    Maverick Accessories
    I have a 2014 Maverick XC, got tired of the spray coming in through the back mesh during rainy day rides so I went down and bought a rigid rear set up with the window in the center. Got the seats and cargo pan out and went to work looking at the instructions which of course are no help at all...
  2. Skid plate, Nerf bar install, does the order matter?

    Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Non-Turbo
    We recently ordered the complete metal skid plate and the Nerf bars for our XDS Max, will I regret installing the skid plate first? (Because of the pop rivets). Anyone know of an alternative for the pop rivets? Advice would greatly appreciated
  3. NA Cam Install

    Maverick Builds, Projects, How-Tos
    How hard is it to install a set of these cams in a 16' Turbo. I just got a set and thinking about doing it my self. Is there any videos, how to's, etc. Thanks in advance. P.S My local dealer wants 400.00 to install these. Figured it would be a nice chunk of money to save.