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  1. HMF Defender front bumper with S3 gusset kit

    Maverick X3
    Has anyone installed the HMF front bumper in conjunction with the S3 gusset kit? If so, what did you do to tie the bumper/bulkhead into the S3 gusset plate in front of the diff? The HMF bumper has a stupid hole right where the S3 gusset plate is supposed to bolt to their front plate. I do not...
  2. Maverick Trail - Front Bumper - HMF

    HMF Racing
    The HMF™ IQ Defender HD: Front Bumper for the Can-Am® Maverick Trail is built from .095" steel tubing and offers an increased form of protection. The bumper itself adds an incredible look to the front of the machine. Features: Built from .095" steel tubing Weighs approximately 24lbs. Holes...
  3. Got Exhaustile Dysfunction? Man Up.

    HMF Racing
    Are you an off-roader suffering from #ExhaustileDysfunction? Exhaustile dysfunction, also known as E.D., is when a rider has difficulty getting all of the capable horse power from their machine. It typically occurs when the machine’s exhaust system is neglected and precious power and torque...
  4. XDS Rear Bumper | HMF | IQ Equipment

    HMF Racing
    Hey guys, We recently unveiled our new Can Am Maverick XDS Turbo Rear Bumper. We also began the production of Venom Green Exhaust systems, Front Bumpers and Rear Bumpers. If you're interested in purchasing any of these, now's the time. Use promo code VENOM at and take off 20%...
  5. HMF Exhaust Systems for the Maverick XDS Turbo

    HMF Racing
    The new setup Maverick setup forced us here at HMF to spend some extra time developing the right systems. Turns out, we were able to create Dual and Single systems that have specific types of power. Here's some info with photos on the systems we created. If you're looking for more...
  6. HMF's new Teryx 4 Exhaust System

    HMF Racing
    Hey guys, We know... it's a Maverick forum, but we all love UTVs here. And here at HMF we just released our Swamp and Swamp XL Slip On Exhaust systems for the Kawasaki Teryx 4 system. It fits 2011-2013 models, and we picked up a solid 2 HP while adding a killer sound. All the pics and info...
  7. HMF Exhaust System: Dual or 3/4 Full System: 10% OFF Coupon

    HMF Racing
    The Can Am Maverick can now be unleashed with the HMF dual and 3/4 full exhaust. Both these systems give the Maverick an angry, aggressive sound while maintaining a low volume output, and increasing horse power throughout the power curve. AND... if you're REALLY interested in picking up one of...