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  1. Heat coming through shifter tunnel

    Maverick Trail
    Has anyone found a way to stop the hot air from coming in through the shifter tunnel? I'm thinking maybe heat shielding somewhere in the tunnel, but was wondering if someone else has already sone it or if they even had pictures. Thanks
  2. exhaust cooking battery??

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    2015 Mav xrs less than a thousand miles.... it quit charging the battery, pulled battery and pulled caps...... dry as a popcorn fart. New battery in box on rear rack, still no charge. Tested wires from mag/charger 2 pair ok, 3rd pairing 0, pulled stator, one fried coil. I had meant to get...
  3. Center Console Heat Test

    Maverick XRS
    So I bought some thermal barrier to help with the heat coming from the center console area. I didn't install it yet because I wanted to get some temperature readings from the stock panels. I basically ran my Maverick for 30 min at mostly idle. The engine fan cycled on several times but I took...