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  1. On - Off - On 7 PIN Rocker Switch Wiring

    Maverick Accessories
    Hi all, I need some help wiring up a 3 way on-off-on 7 pin rocker switch. I currently have a 40" light bar on the roof but want to add pods on the sides and a shock tower light. I want to wire it so that the shock and pods are on one throw and then everything on on the other throw. I know how...
  2. Electrical Wiring Discussion - Extra plugs

    Member Introduction
    Does anyone have a schematic for a 2019 Maverick Sport XRC? Is it in a service manual? I am curious about a couple of items in the wiring. Behind the dash center there are at least two connectors just hanging there, one on a very short set of wires obviously intended for another rocker switch...
  3. Wiring LED bars to Brights

    Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Turbo
    There has got to already be a thread on this. I cant find it. I'm looking to wire my LED bars to my brights. OUTLAW LED makes a wiring harness that supports a 40 inch a and two others. I need their wiring harness and not the light bars. Has any one been sucessful building their own or...
  4. Assault Industries Harness

    Maverick X3
    So I am sold on the Assault Industries 5 point harness, however I cannot seem to find the override plug I need in order to go over 15 miles per hour. I am trying to go through but I cannot find the override plug anywhere on their website. Can someone please send me to a...
  5. Dune Season Harness Sale at Team FAS

    Team FAS Motorsports
    All Harnesses are on SALE! PRP, 50 Cal, Pro Armor, Assault! Colors available!
  6. For Sale Harness x2 and bar

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    I have a set of harnesses, used one trip. PRP 4.2 with buckle connect. No shipping, pick up in Hickory NC $125 Cost new $200 Mike at 828 234 2575 text before 10pm please. You can see these on craigslist, search can am. Have the Dragonfire bar too for $125. But will only sell if I sell...
  7. Team FAS Harness / Belt Sale!

    Team FAS Motorsports
    Harness bars available as well for maverick and max
  8. UTV Inc Harness Bar for 2013 Maverick For Sale

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    I purchased this UTV Inc harness bar hoping it would fit with my Wide Open Company enclosure but it didn't so I need to buy another harness bar. This harness bar has 0 miles and is like new condition. In fact, It still has some of the original packaging on it. The bar is powder coated black and...
  9. Harness and bars for max

    Maverick R Max
    Hope this isn't a repost but I have looked everywhere and have found anything. Does anyone know if there are 4 point harnesses and bars made for the Maverick Max? I've gotten with my dealer and he have no clue.
  10. Factory UTV Can AM Maverick Restraint Bar

    Factory UTV
    Factory UTV's Maverick Restraint Bar allows you to convert to 4 or 5 Point Restraints. We feel replacing the stock seat belts should be one of the first mods any UTV Owner should make. Constructed from 1 3/4 inch mild steel tubing and machined 2 inch collars, the Restraint Bar is a bolt on...