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gusset kit


    Assault Industries
    The Assault Industries F-22 Front Structural Reinforcement kit (FSR Kit) improves structural rigidity in the front-end of the of the Can Am Maverick X3, reducing flex while sharpening the vehicles handling characteristics. By resolving issues related to flex, the vehicle can become much tighter...
  2. X3 XRS A-Arm Replacement Options?

    Maverick X3
    What A-Arms are you guys upgrading to? I need to order a gusset kit and shock tower brace, so I can upgrade the a arms at the same time, looking for some input. And if you upgraded the ball joints what kind did you get? I am not in need of upgrading the axles as of yet. No, I don't want to use...
  3. Gussets kits are a must!!!!

    Maverick XRC
    Hey everyone. So, I just found out some really bad news. I was cleaning up my rig from the last trip out and found some damage. Didn't think much of it at first, just broken tabs on the radiator housing mount that attaches to the shock mount. I saw many rigs with the same issue at the Sand...