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  1. Gordon's Well Yuma Arizona Riding Group

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone, just bought a toy hauler and tuning up my X3. Does anyone know of a group to hang with when my wife, son, and I come to Gordon's Well or Glamis. We are experienced duners and easy going couple. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
  2. Glamis Presidents Day Weekend and Feb 7-9

    Member Introduction
    Hi all. New to the forum and based out of San Diego. I will be in Glamis Feb 7-9 and also 13-16 for Presidents’ Day. I’m always looking to meet more riders. If you are around let me know and we can meet up so that we can get some riding in.
  3. Glamis for Veterans Day?

    West / West Coast Owners
    Anybody heading out there?? I’ll be out somewhere there. Jason
  4. A couple Glamis trips, and a few new videos with the X3!

    Maverick Photos and Videos
    Hey all, Just kicking off my new youtube channel (BonesOffroad) this past month. Come check out my recent videos from Veteran's Day Weekend, and Thanksgiving Week out in Glamis in the X3. Had a blast out there, and I'm working on this youtube channel for the X3 since I have found editing the...
  5. Glamis dune performance in a xrs max

    Maverick X3 Max
    Please I need your help. I'm trying to decide on getting an 18 xrs max but cant find much info on how it tears up carving bowls. Im coming off a xpt4 with good setup... Anyone out there have any opinions on how good or bad it is out in Glamis or Gordons? My primary riding is duning and really...
  6. Going to Glamis Thanksgiving? Get your 2017-4 X3 Safety Campaign done by our Team.

    Maverick X3
    UPDATE - We've removed the link as we've completed collecting registrations. If you haven't registered yet, you can still show up at our booth at Glamis to see if we have any open slots left.. Hi everyone, We've got some good news - for those of you attending Glamis Thanksgiving (Thursday...
  7. For Sale paddle tires, buffs and rims for GLAMIS

    Wheels and Tires
    Can Am Maverick paddle tires and smooths $800.00 Can deliver to Glamis for Thanksgiving