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  1. Maverick Discussions
    I have a 2014 1000 Maverick Max. While driving 40-50 MPH the machine jumps out of gear. Can someone help me fix this? Is there an adjustment. If so how do I adjust it? Thanks
  2. Maverick Discussions
    I’ve been waiting for years for the just right Maverick. That maverick is almost here. I think. Can Am blew it out of the water with the X3 X RS Turbo R. Perfect wheelbase, stance, driver position, travel, triple cylinder with amazing output etc.. The one thing that doesn’t work is the belt...
  3. Maverick Trail, Sport, (Gen2) Commander
    Is the 1500 lb towing capacity only in low gear? If one of my buddies breaks down and we have to go at about 25 mph to get home is the trail going to be able able to tow it home in high gear? Often we go on long 120-150 mile trips in the north woods of New Hampshire. We recently had a friend...
  4. Maverick Builds, Projects, How-Tos
    This is my first how to thread so please be nice. I actually saw this on the commander forum while trying to find a parking brake. I know UTV Inc has a parking brake but I have the Super ATV EZ Steering kit installed and UTV Inc. could not confirm that their parking brake is compatible with the...
1-4 of 4 Results