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  1. Maverick Discussions
    As of 2023 who has the best drive belt for RR or Tuned Can-ams? Some manufactures have multiple series of belts.
  2. Maverick X3
    Looking to throw an inexpensive Gates belt in the ol X3 for an upcoming dunes trip. Which of the following is recommended? More Information for GATES 49G4266 More Information for GATES 49C4266
  3. Maverick Discussions
    I was checking prices on the Gates 30C3750 G-Force C12 CVT Belt and Amazon is selling the belt for $62.94 shipped. I have never seen this belt for this low of a price and from Amazon to boot. That's about $100 cheaper than the factory belt. Gates 30C3750 G-Force C-12 CVT Belt...
1-3 of 3 Results