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  1. 2020 Maverick X3 RR Turbo Exhaust Fumes Issue

    Maverick X3
    Hi, I recently purchased a tune. I also purchased a cat delete. Tune was fine. I added the delete and it all started. The cat delete has caused exhaust fumes to come in the cab. Variation in tune doesn't affect it. Letting off gas after a steady speed enhances this. I do have windshields but...
  2. Exhaust circulating in cab area

    Maverick Discussions
    I recently put a windshield and roof on, and the exhaust over 35-40 mph circulates back into the driver/passenger area. The odor is so strong that its tough to even stand it for more then a couple miles. Has anyone experienced the same and or have a fix for this. Slowing down and or taking...