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front differential

  1. Different tire on front axle question

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    I recently damage one of my front tires on my Maverick x3 max. I have the 30x10x14 mongrels on it and ordered the tire to replace it. The problem is that I have a trip to go on this weekend and my new tire does not come in till next week. The question I need help with is this " can I use my two...
  2. Halo locker Brand new

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    I have a complete Halo locker that is brand new for sell. only asking $550 shipped. They are a little over $900 shipped.
  3. Driver side tire is plumb, passenger is 3/4" out from top to bottom?

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    I am new to sxs's and don't know a ton about the mechanics. I have a X3 xrs that I bought used. On my last ride earlier in the day I noticed it had some wobble. Later that day climbing a hill, the front diff. housing shattered on the passenger side. Once I got it home, I noticed the passenger...