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  1. New X3 XMR (out of the box) Errors: Check Smartlok, Check Engine, Home Mode

    Maverick X3
    Hey Guys, I bought my new X3 XMR - 2 weeks ago (just drove only 120km) and experience the following errors - some starting from the first drive. 1) Check Smartlok (and Engine light - pls see screenshot). It appeared on the first drive. I called Can Am Dealer, the Dealer checked my X3 XMR and...
  2. Maverick Engine cuts out at 60 mph with performance key. Dealer says its normal HELP!

    Maverick XRS
    Hey everyone, i recently bought a 2013 Maverick X rs, recently as in it only has 5 hours on it. after a couple hours of cruising around i decided to put a little more foot to the gas and noticed that the engine cuts off at 60 MPH?... it does not die, but it limits me from going any faster...