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ecu tuning maverick

  1. Member Introduction
    Hi I bought a powervision v3 from pwr tune. I accidentally ordered it for a 2018 x3 xmr but I needed one for a 2019 x3 xmr. Is there anyway I’m still able to use it?
  2. Member Introduction
    Hello from Idaho. Just ordered the Trail 1000DPS. Have ridden MC and ATV's most of my life and I am old. We ordered one with a winch, windshield, aluminum top, rear window, wind deflectors, and the 4 point harness'. It will mainly be used for hunting and recreational riding in the mountains...
  3. Maverick Discussions
    hello. I bought a used 2014 maverick 1000R X Mr and was told the ecu was flashed. i just wanted to make sure as i didnt get any ppwk with it saying it was and it has 2 brothers exhaust slip ons on it and a K&N air filter. I wanted to make sure it was flashes because if it isnt then i need to...
  4. Evolution Powersports
    We have been working hard on tuning of the Maverick X ds for some time now. Last night we completed our tune which nets 20 wheel hp more than a stock X ds! This is on a 100% otherwise stock machine. Today we will be testing stock tunes with our cat bypass and "Double Barrel" exhaust. We...