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  1. Maverick X3 Max
    2018 Maverick X3 - I was on really bumpy trail and power steering went out and I smelled that burnt electrical smell. Pulled the seat and found the battery terminals were very loose. Checked the 40AMP fuse back by battery and it was OK. Manually read the coded by holding the M and then Hi Low...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hey folks I’m new to the forum and new to owning a 2019 Can Am maverick sport 1000R dps. I’m a Canadian Forces veteran living my life from a wheelchair so I drive mine with hand controls and I find the pedal is so stiff on the maverick it’s really hard on my hand and arm, is there anyway to get...
  3. Maverick Trail, Sport, (Gen2) Commander
    Don’t know if anyone else is interested in this but, I like the look of these way better and they’re a lot brighter. I like the halo ring around the edge. Anyways here’s some before and after pics. They are direct plug and play... can’t beat that!
  4. FS/WTB - Mavericks
    **SOLD** 2014 Maverick XXC with DPS ****SOLD**** 36 hours and 240 miles. Audio Formz roof with 4 Polk 6.5" speakers 10" Polk sub in custom enclosure powered by Memphis audio bluetooth amp. Built to take out easy. Sits in front of trunk. Front and rear speakers have a fade control as well as...
  5. Maverick XRS
    Have a 2014 maverick xrs dps. Went to take the primary clutch off and it has one of the newer bolts that are metric Allen and are supposed to have less chance of stretching. Well we cannot get it to move but an 1/8th of an inch maybe. We are thinking someone put loctite on it when replacing...
  6. FS/WTB - Mavericks
    I have a 2014 XRS dps Maverick with 758 miles and 63 hours . Is in perfect condition, no scratches, amazingly clean, has CT Raceworx gusset kit installed, as well as beefier tie rods, rear factory windscreen, new 212 belt, oil changed in everything to amsoil products, XDS bumper with light bar...
  7. Maverick Discussions
    Hi all, Grant here from South Africa Is there a way to change to DPS setting so when you start the Maverick it starts up in DPS min instead of DPS max? regards
1-7 of 7 Results