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  1. Assault Industries
    We are offering 18% off everything on our site through 04/15 with discount code STAYSTRONG! We have mirrors, doors, bumpers, steering wheels, clamping solutions, front gusset kits, tool kits, suspension components, and much more! Check it out --> Assault Industries | Performance UTV Accessories
  2. Maverick Trail, Sport, (Gen2) Commander
    Went to the dealer today to order the half door trim for my 2019 MT. I was hoping I did not have to buy these but after installing the doors you need the trim to block some holes that will collect mud and snow. The cost for red trim was $259! I can hardly believe it! The doors were $595...
  3. FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    Tires have less than 200 miles of dirt trail riding. Open to offers but easy on the low balling I'm not desperate to sell. Looking for max doors and 30x10x14 tires. Trades considered.
  4. Maverick R Max
    The Fedex guy came today and left 2 box on my porch :) Finaly received my Dragonfire Hiboy doors for my Max :crazy: Now the hard part is to read the instruction and install does suckers but can't wait to have theme on.
  5. Maverick Discussions
    I don't know if any one else has these doors or experienced the latches becoming loose due to the thin metal bracket bending so you can get them tight if you tried? I have a fix for about 1$ if you need help let me know!
  6. Maverick Discussions
    I am going to build a new cage for the Maverick I haven't picked up yet(its waiting for me to get home) to make it safer and to get ready for some ECORS racing. Should I build doors that open or build this thing like a buggy and climb through the window? The plan is to race as well as ride some...
  7. Maverick R Max
    I am wondering how many people on the Forum are waiting for someone (like UTVinc) to come out with doors for their Max. I inquired and was told that the polaris 1000 was currently having doors developed by UTV. I was hoping that we could get enough people that want doors to help justify the...
1-7 of 7 Results